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Those magic tears,
Really suit me,

They cover me in bliss,
They show me the way to go,

I cannot share them,
They're my own to bear,

They would be yours,
If you ever ask for them,

I would be all yours,
If you ever ask for me,

So please,
Call me,

So please,
Love me,

So please,
Make me happy.
You can listen to me live reading it on the 34th episode of my podcast that you can find here: [link]

Poem detailed explanation:

With this poem I would like to address the controversy about crying. You know the controversy that says that boy shouldn't cry, and that crying is for babies in general. I absolutely refuse this argument, and think that crying is just as much part of us as smiling is, and you wouldn't tell someone what he cannot smile because it's childish…
Concerning the poem it was written after I cried. I cried because I saw a real moving animated series, and in there, the two main characters fall in love but the context of it, and the things that happen to them are just so well done, that I couldn't stop myself from crying.
So for the title I didn't want to name it something obvious like I'm crying or something like that. I wanted it to reflect what I was feeling at while watching this series, and what I felt was magic, so I decided to call it magic tears.
Then I started saying that those magic tears really suit me, because I consider them as much part of me as my clothes or anything similar that I could have on me.
The tears follow a certain path, they start from the eye where they escape, then they fall down the cheeks, loosing part of itself as it goes forward, to finish either in the mouth, or falling to the ground. And I thought that this was a really nice example of the path in life that you can take. You're born, you escape your mother's womb, then you go on, trying to go forward in life, but you're always using some energy to get there, and finally you can either return to where you come from, considering that the earth is the body, or fall inexorably and crash.
As if the tears were a heavy burden, I said here that I couldn't share them, because actually nobody was there with me, and that's what I wanted to mean by that.
But I really wanted to share, with someone in particular, and if this person asked for it I would gladly share that with her, and thus alleviate my burden.
Those 3 last paragraphs continue on this idea that I really wish I could be in love with this person I want to share my tears with, just like they do in the animated series. I could share them by phone, I could more easily share if this person would love me, and thus making me happy.
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Archibald-L Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That, I have read this poem. I will agree that you was it is enclosed in a poem much more than it seems. So always also happens to poets. However the poem just should express itself all that the author wanted to tell. Without its personal comments - let even is beautiful-thoughtful reasonings that such tears and why the man can cry.
Besides I have got used to see a rhyme. I haven't seen neither beauty of phrases (a white rhyme) nor a usual rhyme.... Therefore for me all it has sounded as separate short the offer broken into lines and written one under another.
Forgive for such comment, but I have promised that as required I will comprehend your creativity and I will tell that I think of it.
Probably I am simple something haven't caught :)
tursiops33 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Well everyone has his own taste in poems, and even though you don't appreciate this one for the lack of rhymes, I can totally understand your point of view, and thank you for the time you took to comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Considering the author's notes, I started to do that, to encourage people that just would like to get a little more out of a poem. To enter deeper into the reasoning of the author. Because most of time poems are made from abstract concepts, they are made for a person in particular, and it's a shame that other people wouldn't understand the meaning of it then.
Check out other poems of mine, and tell me what you think, you'll certainly find one to your liking.
akiko-sama Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
great poem once again! I read it again while listening to this song - [link]
and here's an english fandub version - [link] in my oppinion it's great!
anyways the lyrics of the song complement this poem somehow really well ion my opinion... thus it added to the sadness of the poem!

I like how you pictured the tears part! it's true now that you mentioned it that the tears do have a really rough similarity to life itself... the flow of life I mean.
Life, just like tears, can hit on hurdles (in your case lips) and get lost on it's way... if not for ever.

as much as the first few paragraphs are gloomy and kind of... emo in a way, the last 3 paragraphs kind of make it abit more alive (tho still sad and kind of hurtfull in a way) but they do liven things up abit.
It gives the feeling that you, even tho you're sad and kind of have no hope anymore, you still don't want to give up and keep asking for it, because you'll never know unless you try no?

nice one! can't say anything more. only one thing... try listening the song to the poem... and you'll see what I mean x'D *at least the effect on me was soooo much emotional! in a good way!*

great job!
tursiops33 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
The song is really nice, and totally goes with the poem that's for sure. One thing I can tell you now: ai wo

Well what can I say, you just resumed the story of my life with you in a single sentence: It gives the feeling that you, even tho you're sad and kind of have no hope anymore, you still don't want to give up and keep asking for it, because you'll never know unless you try no?
And I'll keep trying until I cannot anymore.

Yeah the lyrics of the song really resonated with me too, as I said before, it's also the story of my life, the little drawing is so cute, I kind of feel that was too...

Thank you! I wish that would have convinced you... But I'll keep trying until my last breath.
akiko-sama Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
I love that song to bits! and I personaly ADORE Mimu's version which you can find here - [link]
she has such a soothing, deep and kinda hurt voice. Totaly fitting for this song in my opinion! simply great!

and yeah sorry for spaming you with this song but... gah I'm adicted... like seriously! I've been listening to it on and off x'D
tursiops33 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
hehe ^^
Well we do have different taste in music that's for sure :P
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